Aviation Fuel Tax Reduction

Several years ago, Delta Airlines hired Capital City Consulting to help bring parity to all the airlines regarding aviation fuel tax in Florida. As a way to attract new airlines to the State of Florida, the legislature gave substantial tax breaks to certain,...

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Southern Storage in the Everglades

Projects associated with water storage and cleansing in the Everglades are vital to the health of the overall system. During the 2017 legislative session Capital City Consulting lobbied and successful passed one of the most vital pieces environmental legislation in...

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Legacy Florida

Comprehensive water policy funding known as Legacy Florida sought to implement the 2015 constitutional ballot initiative known as Amendment 1. Capital City Consulting was integral in negotiating a substantial portion of the funding that was to be directed to the...

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Ron LaFace Named Health Care Lobbyist of the Year

Health care lobbyists had a rough Legislative Session in 2017, but Capital City Consulting's LaFace pushed the envelope for clients, even working on a hair transplant bill. That measure would have required the newest hair transplant procedures to be subject to more...

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Ashley Kalifeh Named Insurance Lobbyist of the Year

It was no easy session for insurance lobbyists - especially pregnant ones, which makes Kalifeh's win of Insurance Lobbyist of the Year all the more sweet. Kalifeh, who spent the summer home with her newborn daughter, gets credit for the hard work put in toward a host...

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Chris Schoonover Named Education Lobbyist of the Year

Husband Chris didn't have the typical pedigree of an education lobbyist when joining Capital City Consulting seven years ago. Since then, he's quickly climbed the ranks as one of Florida's premier education lobbyists, securing $5.4 million this year in recurring funds...

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Lobbying firm building new downtown headquarters

More downtown construction is taking shape with Capital City Consulting's new office building tagged for a summer 2019 completion. The modern two-story office building will be the lobbying firm's headquarters. It's located at 124 W. Jefferson St. between Adams and...

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Lobbying Firm Of The Year: Capital City Consulting

Capital City Consulting’s winning strategy might be described as killing them with kindness. In the world of Florida lobbying, they’re a Big 4 Firm in terms of revenue (median of $5.13 million in 2015), and they’re also respected and liked by the teams they primarily compete with, especially Ballard Partners and Southern Strategy Group. […]

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The folks at Capital City Consulting are widely respected and liked, and have an astonishing knowledge of both formal and informal networks in Tallahassee, and in Florida more generally. They have not only provided us with access to lawmakers and their staffs, but have provided excellent advice and counsel. They understand New College’s mission and needs, and both alert us to, and anticipate, opportunities that would otherwise have been missed. They function not just as consultants or lobbyists,…
Donal O'Shea, President, New College of Florida