Trump’s ire grows as DeSantis’ popularity with Republicans takes off

In a matter of months, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has gone from being a shining example in Donald Trump‘s eyes of a MAGA leader molded in his image to an average politician who forgot his roots as he rose to Republican stardom.

People close to both men first noticed the palpable shift in Trump’s posture toward DeSantis earlier this year as enthusiasm for the Florida governor swelled among donors and GOP operatives who praised his laissez-faire response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The more DeSantis’ popularity soared, the more obsessed Trump became with receiving credit for his political celebrity.

In April, Trump had told Fox News that DeSantis would “certainly” be under consideration for the VP slot if he were to launch a third presidential campaign in 2024. By October, the former President was demanding that he publicly rule out a White House bid of his own.

“It’s not that Trump is complaining about Ron… but he likes to remind Ron and others that he made him,” said a person close to the former President, who added that Trump has been telling people around him that DeSantis could show more gratitude. Politico first reported the tension in their relationship last Friday.

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