New, safer, State Road 82 due to reopen after two-year rebuild

Barrels and detours that have challenged motorists along State Road 82 in eastern Lee County are about to fade into history, giving way to a road that traffic planners hope will be a model for future projects throughout Florida.

The 4.5-mile stretch of SR 82, from Colonial Boulevard to past Daniels Parkway, a two-lane road notorious for deadly car crashes, will become the six-lane home to a first-in-the-state intersection.

A continuous flow intersection will link SR 82 with Gunnery Road to the east and Daniels Parkway to the west.

It will mean traffic making a left turn will be swept to left side of oncoming traffic well before the intersection to allow for a simple left turn while through traffic continues unimpeded.

Florida Department of Transportation officials apparently recognize that it is a traffic pattern that is not particularly easy to describe, and are making information available so motorists can figure it out.

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