CAPITAL CITY CONSULTING HAS UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCE AND CONNECTIONS with Florida’s transportation industry. Capital City Consulting’s transportation lobbyist team have worked closely with the Florida Department of Transportation, as well as local governments and others who do business with the department. During Megan Fay’s tenure in the Executive Office of the Governor, she worked closely with the Department of Transportation on legislative strategy. Megan was also integral in the creation and passage of the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, which provides infrastructure and transportation grants to local governments. In his representation of our client The City of Venice, Chris Schoonover works with the Florida Department of Transportation, as well as transportation staff in the Legislature and Governor’s Office to obtain approval of funding for several road projects in the City. Additionally, for our consulting client The North Highland Company, he works closely with FDOT on its Work Program Integration Initiative. In his representation of our client The City of Venice, Chris successfully lobbied alongside FDOT Leadership during both the 2017 and 2018 Sessions to get funding for this transportation project at the Department.

In addition, we have played a leadership role in legislative discussions regarding transportation ride sharing services. Ron LaFace has represented Logisticare since 2004. They are a broker of Medicaid Non-Emergency transportation for both the Medicaid Managed Care population and the state directly for the fee-for-service population. Logisticare uses public transportation for Medicaid members, when appropriate for the member, and creates a network of all types of transportation assets to provide trips to and from doctor and hospital visits for Medicaid members who do not have their own transportation.

During the 2015 Session, Ron also assisted the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission in protecting their state enacting law from legislative repeal. Ron successfully formed a coalition of Senate Republicans and Democrats who blocked the repeal that year giving the Commission and the County the opportunity to form a consensus on how public transportation providers should be regulated going forward in Hillsborough County.