CAPITAL CITY CONSULTING HAS THE MOST DIVERSE and arguably the most extensive portfolios of any healthcare lobbyist in Florida. We provide legislative counsel and regulatory compliance support to several of the largest health and managed care providers, subcontracted benefit vendors, specialty provider associations, utilization management entities, as well as the world’s largest retail pharmacy chain and pharmacy benefits manager. Under the leadership of Ron LaFace, Capital City Consulting has engaged in most every significant healthcare issue facing Florida in the last two decades. Recently, this work includes the rollout, implementation, and re-procurement of the current Medicaid managed care program, Florida’s response to the Affordable Care Act, consumer reforms expanding hospital-based provider balance billing prohibitions, healthcare cost transparency initiatives, and multi-faceted reforms to Florida’s opioid epidemic.

Our healthcare lobbyist team also plays an integral role in helping numerous healthcare systems and hospitals receive critical funding year after year. In this capacity, Capital City Consulting plays a leading role in securing funding for statutory teaching hospitals and trauma centers. Additionally, Chris Schoonover and Nick Iarossi work closely with not only legislative appropriations staff, but also the Agency for Healthcare Administration to ensure adequate and equitable funding for the state’s hospitals providing large amounts of charity care.