Government Purchasing & Procurement

WITH FLORIDA’S NEARLY 110-BILLION-DOLLAR BUDGET, Capital City Consulting is a governmental relations firm that is well positioned to help companies interested in selling their goods and services to the State of Florida or protecting their contracts. With our team of veteran State of Florida employees, we have the expertise to provide clients with profound insight into Florida’s unique procurement process. Ken Granger has deep expertise in the state purchasing and procurement sector. He served in a variety of roles, including Chief of Staff and Deputy Secretary for the Department of Management Services (DMS) where he oversaw the Division of State Purchase.

Florida is a diverse state when it comes to purchasing goods and services. It has a reputation for large, complicated, multi-year Request for Proposals (RFP’s) and Invitations to Negotiate (ITN’s) that are demanding. On the other hand, they could use an alternate source contract with an associated RFQ process that little visibility if you aren’t tied in with the agency. With so much at stake, companies turn to a governmental relations firm like Capital City Consulting to understand the policy and political pressures on both large and small scale procurements. Capital City Consulting works with clients to help them understand what the state values most and provides a strategic plan to position them to secure business with the State of Florida. We provide hands-on support through all phases of the procurement process including: initial monitoring of opportunities, pre-procurement planning, strategic advice on partnerships, bid submission review to maximize points, political barriers, and counseling on oral presentations. We have the experience and track record that companies demand when pursuing State of Florida procurements.