CAPITAL CITY CONSULTING IS ONE OF THE ONLY FIRMS that lobbies for pro-environment and ecological causes. We boast significant experience in environmental lobbyist Andrew Ketchel, who was the former Legislative Affairs Director at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. His background at the Department included, but was not limited to policy areas related to oil and gas, state lands, water quality and water quantity, storm water, wastewater infrastructure and Everglades restoration.

Since joining Capital City Consulting, Andrew has worked on issues related to Everglades restoration for our client the Everglades Foundation. Andrew, Nick, and several other team members were instrumental in securing the funding and statutory guidance needed to pursue a southern reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee. This hotly contested reservoir will clean and store water for the larger Everglades system, improving the entirety of the system, and was the subject of tremendous political strife. Ultimately, with Capital City Consulting at the helm of The Everglades Foundation team, this reservoir was approved by the Florida Legislature. As an environmental lobbyist, Andrew has also worked on permitting issues related to hazardous waste cleanup and local beach projects around the state while at the firm.

In addition, as part of their roles in overseeing various entities for members of the Florida Cabinet, our consultants Megan Fay and Ashley Kalifeh oversaw a host of environmental issues, including those before the Division of State Lands, which manages 3.3 million acres of upland property for the State of Florida.