Criminal Justice

REPRESENTING FLORIDA’S LARGEST SHERIFF’S OFFICES, Capital City Consulting engages in a vast array of criminal justice issues at the legislative level. Our working relationships with criminal justice legislative staff allow us to provide critical information on how proposed legislation will impact the law enforcement community. Additionally, our criminal justice consulting firm has the ability to position our clients who desire to do business with the Department of Corrections, Department of Juvenile Justice, Attorney General’s Office, or Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

One of our notable successes includes positioning and preparing our client to unseat an incumbent vendor with a multi-million dollar contract at the Department of Corrections. Capital City Consulting also authored and led the effort to enact Florida’s Red-Light Camera program, which has increased safety at dangerous intersections within jurisdictions that have opted to initiate photo enforcement for red light running violations. Lastly, utilizing our appropriations expertise, each legislative session we secure state funding for clients with projects to improve the safety and welfare of the citizens of Florida.

As the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is a Cabinet agency, three members of our criminal justice consulting firm — Ashley and Megan, through their roles overseeing Cabinet Affairs — also have experience working with that agency and shaping policy.