Civil Justice Reform

NO TOP-TIER LOBBYING FIRM IS MORE IMMERSED IN FLORIDA TORT REFORM EFFORTS than Capital City Consulting. Our representation of Florida’s leading employers puts us at the forefront of issues relating to litigation fees and costs, from workers’ compensation system to personal residential property, and from commercial auto insurance to affordable housing.

Ashley Kalifeh has led the charge in researching and exposing problems with Florida’s one-way attorney fee statute, authoring a number of publications and pioneering the use of open source data to demonstrate its harm to Florida’s businesses and consumers. Ashley has also spoken at a number of conferences about her research, authored amicus briefs, and is regularly relied on as a thought leader on civil justice issues by both policymakers and the media.

Scott Ross, Megan Fay, Nick Iarossi, Chris Schoonover and Ron LaFace also work with and counsel businesses on legal and tort matters, and have had a number of successes restoring balance in the civil justice system.