Business Regulations

MANY OF OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE working for and with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the agency tasked with regulating businesses, alcohol, beverage, and tobacco sales, and a wide array of licensed professions in the state of Florida, and the regulated industries committees in the Florida legislature. Capital City Consulting’s Scott Ross served as Deputy Secretary of DBPR where he acted as the chief regulator 15overseeing gaming, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, hotels and restaurants, condominiums, timeshares, and mobile homes. As a regulatory consulting expert, Scott uses his legal and government expertise to effect change on behalf of clients in front of the legislature and executive branch agencies.

Consultant Megan Fay began her career as an attorney at DBPR where she prosecuted cases against real estate brokers, appraisers, condominium associations, hotels, and restaurants. More recently, while serving as Governor Scott’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Megan oversaw DBPR and served as the chief advisor to the Governor on matters regarding regulation of Florida’s businesses and professions. Megan also has extensive experience working with the legislature on policy and appropriations issues involving DBPR and business and professional regulation generally.

Chris Schoonover also began his career at DBPR prosecuting unlicensed activity cases across all industry sectors regulated by the department. Nick Iarossi and Andrew Ketchel also have extensive experience in the business and professional regulation sector through their representation of companies including Lennar Homes, the Distilled Spirits Council, and Swisher International tobacco products.