Ron LaFace Named Health Care Lobbyist of the Year

Ron LaFace Jr. named health care lobbyist of the year

Health care lobbyists had a rough Legislative Session in 2017, but Capital City Consulting’s LaFace pushed the envelope for clients, even working on a hair transplant bill.

That measure would have required the newest hair transplant procedures to be subject to more healthcare regulations than more-invasive “legacy” procedures. The bill was an effort by physicans who perform traditional hair transplants to “over-regulate new technologies that enable better hair transplant outcomes with less cutting on the patient,” he said.

LaFace, for client Neograft, helped amend the bill to subject all hair transplants to the same regulations. Bill proponents soon lost interest and dropped the effort.

He also worked on a “medication synchronization” bill for clients Aetna, Cigna, and the Florida Association of Health Plans, requiring health plans to establish a process for patients with multiple monthly prescriptions to have a the refill dates lined up so they only have to make one trip to the pharmacy each month. Sponsored by House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz, it became law this year.

Katie Webb, who manages Colodny Fass’ Lobbying and Governmental Consulting division in Tallahassee, said LaFace always gives the best counsel to his clients. “Ron is a repository of knowledge about The Process and helps the rest of his team develop a strategy,” she said.