Passed Legislation to Authorize School Zone Speed Programs

During the 2023 legislative session, CCC successfully advocated for the passage of HB 657, which enables local communities to use speed detection systems to enforce school zone speed limits. The legislation provides local governments with a framework to ticket speeders who are driving in excess of 11 MPH over the posted limit while students are present on campus.  The legislation is designed to assist law enforcement officers and crossing guards protect children from dangerous drivers and the bill received bipartisan support in both chambers before being signed into law by Governor DeSantis. 

Won a Big Concession

Worked with an international airport concessions business to successfully return to the state, winning a long-term food, beverage and retail contract at Orlando International Airport. The company had not had a presence in the Florida market in over a decade. 

Drove a Tough Bargain

Successfully convinced the Florida Department of Transportation to relinquish a major roadway project to avoid and minimize the impacts to an area with significant economic and environmental resources.

Transformed Transit

Worked with a national management consulting firm to review the operations of a major transit agency, reviewing agency policy, personnel and expenditures, making a number of recommendations that have now been implemented.

Ushered in a New Era of Transportation

During the 2019 Legislative Session, CCC successfully lobbied to pass HB 453 for its client Lime to clarify how e-scooters can operate legally in Florida communities, which will offer an innovative, reliable and affordable transportation option. CCC played a key role leading a coalition of micro-mobility vendors by organizing testimony, developing an advocacy strategy, and creating a 3rd party PR strategy.

Authorized Red Light Cameras

Capital City Consulting represents the nation’s largest provider of Red Light Cameras (RLCs), which had been installing and enforcing red light violations for local governments. Opponents questioned the legality of camera-detected violations, and our client had unsuccessfully attempted to implement a statewide photo enforcement program authorization. We were hired on, and the next session—after adjusting the strategy to focus on public safety and ensuring that the fines from violations would include a remittance to the state and trauma centers—Capital City Consulting maximized the use of a larger coalition, and we passed the statewide authorization needed to secure local governments’ use of RLCs. Additionally, we successfully changed the clerk of courts’ policy regarding distribution of RLC fines to local governments, ensuring that the maximum amount of funds available remain with local governments.

Made Venice Roads Safer

For the City of Venice, Capital City Consulting was able to secure $3 million in funding for road improvement projects during the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Sessions, even though the project was not part of the original Department of Transportation Work Plan or in the Governor’s budget.

Funded Tampa Transit

During the 2018 legislation session, Capital City Consulting worked with the Florida Department of Transportation to secure $2.3 million dollars for a Tampa Bay transit agency. These funds will enable the transit agency to build a new bus maintenance facility, replacing an outdated facility.  

Kept Airports Flying High

Capital City Consulting helped a client re-establish its presence at one of the state’s largest commercial airport after being out of that market for a number of years. We worked with the client to reintroduce themselves and build relationships with airport and local leadership prior to the competitive procurement. During the procurement, our firm provided strategic counsel on their bid strategy and branding efforts to ensure that they stood out compared to their competition and provided the type of value the airport was expecting. The client won the procurement and is now building a major retail presence in one of the state’s and country’s busiest and most well-known airports.

Protected Ocala’s Horse Industry

Faced with the sudden prospect of a massive road project cutting through the farms that make up Ocala’s multimillion-dollar horse industry, Capital City Consulting successfully worked with the Florida Department of Transportation to move the project to another location. We worked with the client to develop a grassroots strategy and public relations campaign uniting the affected property owners. Combined with that effort, we engaged FDOT leadership substantively in a way that convinced them the project made more sense for the agency and the public to utilize a different highway alignment.