Overhauled Status Quo

Through our knowledge of Florida’s unique Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) process, Capital City Consulting was able to provide guidance to a company who was new to the public sector process. The result was a contract award worth $3.8 million and un-seating a vendor that had been doing business with an agency for more than 20 years.

Assisted in Real Estate Procurement

We were able to assist our client in replacing an incumbent in the real estate space after we educated them on the procurement process which allowed them to challenge an unfair bid specification that leveled the competitive landscape. The result was a long-term contract for our client valued at more than $15 million.

Provided System Integrator Insight

Capital City Consulting represented one of the world’s largest system integrators on the replacement of the state of Florida’s $150 million financial system. We provided valuable insight into the aspects that were most important to the CFO’s office in selecting a systems integrator and software solution.

Maximized Savings with New Procurement

One of our clients was part of an agency contract which provided services to all state of Florida employees along with five other companies. Capital City Consulting was able to demonstrate to the agency that a better strategic sourcing approach would be to limit the number of providers which would provide greater savings to the state of Florida employees. Our efforts resulted in a new procurement and award with two providers greatly increasing revenues for our client and saving money for the employees of the state.