Protected Pari-Mutuel Poker

Representing several pari-mutuel clients across Florida, our firm has successfully protected the operation of designated player poker games against large interests like the Seminole Tribe.

Blocked Crippling Decoupling Efforts

Successfully blocked the passage of legislation to decouple thoroughbred horse racing at Florida tracks on behalf of Ocala Breeders and Sales. Large thoroughbred tracks have attempted to pass legislation to remove the requirement that they race thoroughbred horses to provide poker and slots.

Protected Ocala’s Horse Industry

Faced with the sudden prospect of a massive road project cutting through the farms that make up Ocala’s multimillion-dollar horse industry, Capital City Consulting successfully worked with the Florida Department of Transportation to move the project to another location. We worked with the client to develop a grassroots strategy and public relations campaign uniting the affected property owners. Combined with that effort, we engaged FDOT leadership substantively in a way that convinced them the project made more sense for the agency and the public to utilize a different highway alignment.