Stormwater Permitting Improvements

During the 2022 legislative session, CCC successfully passed legislation that will give the public sector an alternative way to manage their stormwater permitting challenges, providing for a stricter treatment standards. Florida continues to be a leader in water quality permitting, innovative technology, and private sector participation to address water quality and basin runoff. CCC was proud to pass legislation that will help address stormwater challenges into the future.


The New Standard for Residential Graywater Systems in Florida

Over multiple sessions, CCC has worked on behalf of several clients to set up a regulatory structure and incentive-based approach for homebuilders to implement residential graywater systems in Florida. Potable water historically has not been reused. Residential graywater systems take shower water and clean it to near potable standard for use in toilets, realizing a water savings of 25 percent per home. Two different pieces of legislation, spearheaded by CCC, facilitated a shift in perception and policies, acknowledging graywater as a valuable resource that should not be wasted.


Navigating Environmental Resource Permitting

Andrew Ketchel, practice lead for environmental issues, has experience navigating dock permitting issues for clients. For example, a project in Northeast Florida resulted in the issuance of an environmental resource permit and compliance update that was located within a sensitive environmental area known as an aquatic preserve. CCC led a strategic effort in front of a district office of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), as well as before regulatory staff at DEP headquarters in Tallahassee, which  involved data gathering regarding the proposed dock’s dimensions, as well as a full safety analysis. Typically, permitting within an aquatic preserve can be challenging and costly for a home- or business owner. Our extensive environmental expertise led to a successful and cost-effective permitting process for this dock owner.


Year-over-Year Historic Everglades Funding

Every session, CCC lobbies to increase funding for Everglades Restoration, and each year, records are broken at historic levels of over $600 million annually, in what is known as the largest water and ecosystem restoration project in North America. Most of the dollars allocated by the Florida Legislature are leveraged by a Congressional match, making this funding as important and timely as ever.


Secured Funding for Water Projects

Over the last five years, CCC’s  local government practice has grown to encompass a number of water restoration projects. CCC has secured over $100M in water project and related funding for our clients. These projects are vital for local government of all sizes, as their needs develop due to population and other demographic changes. Funding for projects include septic to sewer conversions, stormwater and drinking water funding, as well as road elevation and resiliency projects.


Shaped Everglades Restoration

Florida has consistently struggled with a comprehensive water policy that accounts for discharges from Lake Okeechobee, springs restoration, and the implementation of the 2015 ballot initiative regarding environmental funding. In our representation of the Everglades Foundation, CCC has helped shape that amendment’s implementation, which directed the state to set aside 25% of all associated monies for Everglades restoration. In addition, we influenced legislation in the successful effort to create a southern storage reservoir to hold, clean, and release water to the southern portion of the Everglades, which will benefit generations of Floridians to come.