Stormwater Permitting Improvements

Florida is growing at a staggering pace, with more than 21 million people now living in the state. People, require housing, roads, schools, hospitals and much more. During the 2022 legislative session CCC successfully passed legislation that will give the public sector an alternative way to manage their stormwater permitting challenges, providing for a sticker standard for treatment than exist today. Florida continues to be a leader in water quality permitting, innovative technology, and private sector participation to address water quality and basin runoff and CCC was proud to pass legislation that with help address stormwater challenges into the future.

Navigating Environmental Resource Permitting

Recently in 2022 the Capital City Consulting (CCC) team led by Andrew Ketchel successfully navigated a dock permitting issue for a client in Northeast Florida. The project which resulted in the issuance of an environmental Resource permit and compliance update was located within an aquatic preserve, proving to be challenging and time consuming. CCC led a strategic effort in front of the Northeast regulatory district office of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as well as regulatory staff at DEP headquarters in Tallahassee that include several in person meetings, data gathering and review on the dimensions of the dock, and a safety analysis to accommodate the size of the dock. Permitting within an aquatic preserve can be challenging and costly for the homeowner or business owner. CCC was able to navigate the process successfully in a time efficient matter for the client.

Secured Historic Everglades Funding

During the 2019 Legislative Session, CCC successfully lobbied to help secure over $625 million in Everglades Restoration dollars on behalf of the Everglades Foundation. This is the most funding ever secured for Everglades projects in Florida’s history.

Put Developers Back in Business

CCC successfully pushed for a bill to allow developers the opportunity to mitigate for wetland disturbances on public lands owned by the state or local governments when wetland credits are not available on the private market. This allows certain developers to continue projects in parts of the state where credits were no longer available. 

Kept “Legacy Florida” Flowing

Florida’s environmental challenges have been exacerbated recently due to increased development and agricultural stressors. During the course of our representation of the Everglades Foundation, they have been successful in advocating for $880 million for the development of reservoirs and marshes to filter water flowing into the Everglades, $250 million to fund “Legacy Florida” restoration efforts, and in a subsequent legislative session, $248 million for additional restoration efforts.

Secured Funding for Water Projects

Water projects for local governments are always a highly sought-after appropriation. With requests each Session well over $1 billion and less than $100 million available, competition is fierce to get appropriations. We secured $1.75 million in funding during the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Session for our client the City of Venice to help complete a local water project and replace aging utility infrastructure—allowing the City to update the water distribution system.

Shaped Everglades Restoration

Florida has consistently struggled with water policy, discharges from Lake Okeechobee, springs restoration, and the implementation of the 2015 ballot initiative regarding environmental funding. In our representation of the Everglades Foundation, we have helped shape that amendment’s implementation, which directed the state to set aside 25% of all associated monies for Everglades’ restoration. In addition, we influenced legislation in the successful effort to create a southern storage reservoir to hold, clean, and release water to the southern portion of the Everglades.