Cut Through the Red Tape

Capital City Consulting represented a developer experiencing delays to a large residential project due to a citizens initiated local referendum approval process. A court’s ruling effectively delayed the project until such time as the referendum could be held; as a result, we successfully lobbied for legislation that prohibited local government initiatives or referendums for local comprehensive plan and map amendments, such as the ones impacting our client. By working with all interested parties—including local governments and private entities—the legislation unanimously passed the Florida House and Senate, and received the Governor’s approval, allowing our client to immediately resume construction.

Lobbied Against High Permitting Fees

Helped lobby for the passage of small cell tower preemption legislation for AT&T.  This legislation was opposed heavily by local governments who sought to impose high permitting fees and restricted placement.

Won Huge Tax Deduction for Delta

Successfully lobbied for state jet fuel tax reduction legislation for Delta Airlines that resulted in $10 million annual savings. This involved high level negotiations between all major airlines, including newer airlines that had been paying no tax previously.

Passed Legislation for Lennar

Representing Lennar Homes, the nation’s largest homebuilder, our firm successfully passed legislation dealing with a controversial statute of repose regulation over the opposition of the trial bar.

Helped Medical Marijuana Pass

Successfully lobbied for the passage of comprehensive medical marijuana regulation on behalf of the state’s largest provider, Trulieve.