Secured Funding for Curriculum and Library Transparency

During the 2023 legislative session, CCC successfully lobbied the legislature to secure $5.8 million for the Florida Department of Education to procure a statewide online curriculum and library transparency platform.  When funding wasn’t included in the final version of general appropriations act, despite being “in play” throughout budget conference, CCC pivoted and successfully lobbied to have the money included in HB 1537, which was approved by Governor DeSantis.  The platform will be available to school districts statewide and will allow parents and residents the ability to view K-12 curriculum and library materials. 

Alzheimer’s Research

With many doctors and scientists labeling Florida the epicenter of the Alzheimer’s disease, over the past 5 years, CCC has secured more than $23 million in funding for cutting edge Alzheimer’s research at various Florida universities. Most recently, CCC secured state funding to start a 6 year public-private partnership between state universities, hospitals, government and industry to develop treatment solutions for Alzheimer’s Disease using focused ultrasound technology. To date, $9 million in state funds was appropriated Research Universities partnering with a hospital to conduct Alzheimer’s research utilizing an exablate neuro focused ultrasound for blood brain barrier disruption and targeted drug delivery. 

Workforce Training & Infrastructure Funding

CCC has successfully lobbied to secure $10.1M in grant funding promoting workforce training and economic development infrastructure programs for Osceola County. From the grant application and process for applying to the Governor’s Job Growth Grant Fun, to best practice procedures and management for other grant programs, approximately $50m was pulled down for manufacturing expansion in Central Florida.

$2,000,000 for the Central and Southern Florida Resiliency Study

On behalf of Broward County, CCC lobbied to fully fund the Central and Southern Florida Resiliency Study, which will help Broward and other counties prepare for threats from sea level rise.

$15 Million for FIU

During the 2019 Legislative Session, CCC successfully lobbied to help secure $15 million new recurring dollars to support Florida International University’s operational budget. 

$4.75 Million for The City of Venice

Capital City Consulting secured $3 million in funding for road improvement projects for the City of Venice, despite it not being included in the original Department of Transportation work plan nor the Governor’s appropriations recommendations. The City of Venice also received an additional $1.75 million for the purpose of funding local water projects and the replacement of aging utility infrastructure.

Implemented Rail Review

Engaged to influence policy and funding for a brand-new rail system in Southeast Florida, Capital City Consulting inserted budgetary guidance language directing the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability to study the Brightline high speed rail program for the benefit of Martin County residents.

$2.6 Million for Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office

On behalf of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Capital City Consulting lobbied for $1 million for a violence prevention program and $1.6 million for an unmanned aerial vehicle program. Both were approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor.

Big Funds for New College

Representing Florida’s smallest university with no alumni in the Legislature makes appropriations projects a tough task, but we have secured tens of millions of dollars over the course of our representation of the New College of Florida, including $5.5 million for infrastructure and renovations, nearly $10 million for building additions, more than $2 million for renovation projects, and approximately $14 million in recurring dollars to increase enrollment and create parity with other institutions of higher learning. New College has also received millions in funding for their “Big Data” and data science programs, as well as funding for the Career Enhancement Opportunity Center’s operations.

Ensured Funding in Critical Areas

Capital City Consulting’s health care appropriations expertise is looked to by clients such as the South Broward Hospital District—a special taxing district that serves as the largest healthcare provider in South Broward County—for which we help ensure critical funding. Accordingly, we have secured $500,000 each for a mobile primary care unit, a maternal addiction treatment program, and a medication assistance program. Further, we have worked to secure $1 million for a hazard response system and provided a buffer against hospital cuts when the Legislature has heavily scrutinized health care dollars.

Secured Fixed Capital Outlay Funding

During Florida’s recession, Capital City Consulting was able to secure $4.1 million in funding for a major Florida college to build its academic and administrative infrastructure. Over the same time period, we secured Fixed Capital Outlay Funding for our client—when only six of Florida’s universities received it—in the amount of $1.68 million for utilities, roofs, infrastructure, and capital renewal.

$5 Million for UF Health

The UF Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease is a leading university related to discovering, developing and evaluating future treatments and diagnostics for degenerative central nervous system conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and other brain neurodegenerative disorders. Capital City Consulting helped secure more than $5 million for UF Health, which allowed them to draw down approximately $48 million in federal funds and providing for the recruitment of trained research experts.

$7 Million for Alzheimer’s Research

Since 2013, Capital City Consulting played an integral role in getting more than $7 million appropriated by the Legislature for Alzheimer’s research at the University of Florida. Prior to our engagement on this issue, the state was not funding Alzheimer’s research.

Made Healthcare More Affordable

In the course of our representation of Florida Health Kids Corporation, CCC helped secure funding to allow for the Corporation to not only improve the benefits it provides, but also reduce out of pocket expenses for children between ages 5 and 18 that enrolled in this affordable healthcare insurance option.