Nick Iarossi Makes the List of the Top 100 Influences in Florida Politics

Influence is difficult to quantify. But, as the Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said in a different context, we know it when we see it. As you read the names who make up the inaugural INFLUENCE 100, you’ll know when you see it that these are the most influential people in Florida politics.

Nick Iarossi


There are hundreds of hard-working, talented professionals in the Florida lobbying landscape today. To be successful in that highly competitive environment requires a unique skill set: Knowledge of complex issues, technical understanding of very nuanced process and personal relationships with a diverse set of legislators from across the country’s third-largest state. Very few lobbyists can check all of those boxes, but Nick Iarossi can.

Nick has built a formidable operation based on tireless work ethic and smart, strategic thinking. He has mastered the most important fundamental in the lobbying business: He treats clients like family.

Nick had earned his clients’ unquestioned loyalty because he never stops fighting for their interests.

Working with Nick on a lobbying team is a pleasure, but more telling is how much I appreciate the times we find ourselves on opposite side of an issue. If our clients’ interests conflict, we know that we have to elevate our game and fight the echo of the whistle. After the fight is over, he remains a friend and colleague who I truly respect.

Congratulations, Nick. You are a credit to our profession and a class act.

Brian Ballard is founder of Ballard Partners, one of Florida’s largest government affairs and lobbying firms.