Legacy Florida

Comprehensive water policy funding known as Legacy Florida sought to implement the 2015 constitutional ballot initiative known as Amendment 1. Capital City Consulting was integral in negotiating a substantial portion of the funding that was to be directed to the Florida Everglades on behalf of their client, The Everglades Foundation.

Given the controversy surrounding how the amendment should have been implemented, funding decisions needed to be made on how to spend millions of dollars for environmental purposes. Capital City Consulting embarked on a traditional lobbying role with key members of the Florida Legislature, including leadership, but also lead a non-traditional role that included grassroots messaging and comprehensive communications strategies that resulted in great success for its client.

Under the amendment, lawmakers were required to dedicate one-third of documentary stamps revenues to environmental spending programs. Through the advocacy direction of Capital City Consulting, the legislation signed by Governor Scott, directed the state to set aside at 25 percent of all Amendment 1 funds or up to $200 million, to fund Everglades restoration projects. The law took effect in 2016 and will be in place for the next twenty years, per the voter approved amendment.