Chris Schoonover Named Education Lobbyist of the Year

Chris Schoonover named education lobbyist of the year

Husband Chris didn’t have the typical pedigree of an education lobbyist when joining Capital City Consulting seven years ago. Since then, he’s quickly climbed the ranks as one of Florida’s premier education lobbyists, securing $5.4 million this year in recurring funds for New College of Florida to grow its enrollments to 1,200 students, among other triumphs. Wife Allison, who works at Metz Husband and Daughton, has banked her decade-plus of legislative and executive experience for the State College of Florida Foundation and the Seminole County School Board, among others. Liby-Schoonover was a West Philadelphia school teacher through Teach for America, and education policy advisor to former Senate President Don Gaetz.

“Alli is one of the smartest and hardest-working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around,” said Metz Husband and Daughton’s Andy Palmer. “What makes her an exceptionally effective education policy advocate is the unique perspective she brings to the job. It’s the blend of hands-on experience from her days as a classroom teacher coupled with her time as the policy lead on education for a Senate President that really sets her apart.”

Together, they’re a familial one-two punch.