Ron LaFace, Jr.


Ron LaFace, Esq., is a founding member of Capital City Consulting. His lobbying experience includes successes in all areas of state government: the legislature through influencing legislation, the executive branch through assisting clients in large procurements and contracts, and the development of agency policy through implementation of legislation and interpretation of existing rules and laws.

Recognizing that each client and issue require different strategies, Ron is able to identify policy makers and staff who have an interest in the merits or shortcomings of a proposal; formulate policy arguments to support the client’s desired outcomes; and through his knowledge of the legislative and governmental process, work towards achieving the client’s goals.

Because of his specialized understanding of the complex manner in which Florida laws and state agencies interact and long-term positive relationships with members and staff, Ron is often called upon by clients, as well as policy makers and staff, to assist in the drafting or revising of current and proposed laws so as to avoid unintended consequences and ensure that the desired outcome of the law revision is achieved.

Ron specializes in representing clients in the following business areas: insurance and financial services, education, construction, healthcare and human services, alcohol and other franchise regulation, state licensing, transportation, tax, and appropriations. Ron advises clients at the beginning of the relationship or introduction of a new issue how best to achieve their objectives, based on the unique traits of each individual client. Frequently, Ron has led teams of lobbyists representing a coalition of common interests to accomplish a mutual goal.  Whether playing offense or defense, Ron successfully achieves his client’s goals most often through the efforts of our firm alone.

Ron has lobbied professionally since receiving his J.D. from Florida State University College of Law (Magna Cum Laude) in 2002. Before attending law school, Ron served as President of Blue Key at the University of Florida and also as gubernatorial appointee to Florida’s Postsecondary Education Planning Commission. Ron also worked as a Professional Practices investigator with the Florida Department of Education.

Contact Info:

c: 850.445.7258